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In recent years car makers have made much effort to be ahead of the car thieves. Even back in the day, a simple lock and key were indeed not enough to deter the lockpickers, but it was mostly what we had. Today keyless entry locks are no protection from tech-savvy criminals who have devised a way to steal your signal. Keyless locks work by sending a radio frequency signal from a remote transmitter to the receiver in your car. 


So, how do you hide your signal from them? Do you own a microwave oven? The same technology that prevents your oven from nuking you can help keep your precious car safe. 

What if you could hide the security signal from the crooks? A faraday cage to the rescue! This is an enclosure made with conductive material that prevents your signal from escaping the enclosure. Thieves are blind to your signal.

You can purchase, relatively inexpensively, a device like this one,(Insert device name and link here) that will do the trick.  Just be sure the box is completely locked, otherwise the signal waves escape through the opening.

All in all, this is a simple, cost-effective way to secure your car, one of the most expensive things you’ll likely purchase in your lifetime.


1. Signal Blocker Boxes

 Signal blocker boxes are designed to prevent thieves from stealing your car’s signal lights while parked at night. These devices work by blocking the signals emitted from the vehicle’s turn indicators, brake lights, hazard lights, backup lights, and reverse lights.

 2. Car Theft Protection

 Car theft protection is a device that prevents thieves from stealing your car. When installed properly, these devices will disable the ignition system of any stolen vehicle.

 3. Anti-Theft Devices

 Anti-theft devices are electronic devices that prevent vehicles from being stolen. These devices are commonly placed under the hood of a vehicle and connected to the vehicle’s electrical system.

 4. Vehicle Security Systems

 Vehicle security systems are electronic devices that help protect your vehicle from theft. These devices are commonly installed in cars and trucks and connect to the vehicle’s electrical wiring.

 5. Remote Start System

 Remote start systems allow drivers to remotely start their vehicles using wireless remote control. These systems are commonly used to warm up a vehicle before driving off.

 6. GPS Tracking Device

 GPS tracking devices are electronic devices that track the location of a vehicle. These devices are commonly used to locate lost or stolen vehicles.

 7. Hidden Cameras

 Hidden cameras are electronic surveillance devices that record video images without the knowledge of those being recorded. These devices are commonly hidden inside objects such as clocks, mirrors, and televisions.

How to Protect Your Car from Theft with a Signal Blocker Box

Car theft is a serious problem that affects millions of drivers every year. One of the most common methods that thieves use to steal cars is by using a device called a relay attack. This device can capture and amplify the signal from your key fob and trick your car into thinking that you are nearby, allowing them to unlock and start your car without your knowledge.

Fortunately, there is a simple and effective way to prevent this type of theft: using a signal blocker box. A signal blocker box is a small metal container that blocks any radio signals from reaching your key fob. By storing your key fob in a signal blocker box when you are not using your car, you can prevent thieves from accessing your car’s signal and stealing your vehicle.

A signal blocker box is easy to use and affordable. You can find them online or in some car accessory stores. They come in different sizes and shapes, so you can choose one that suits your needs and preferences. To use a signal blocker box, simply place your key fob inside it and close the lid. Make sure that the box is securely closed and that there are no gaps or holes that could let the signal escape.

By using a signal blocker box, you can protect your car from theft and enjoy peace of mind. A signal blocker box is a smart investment that can save you from losing your valuable vehicle and personal belongings. Don’t let thieves take advantage of your car’s technology; get a signal blocker box today and keep your car safe.

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