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Adding Aerial Video to your Listing

To make your video tours stand out from the crowd, consider adding aerial video to them. This can help you sell or rent your property faster, whether you are a real estate agent or a property owner.

One way to do that is to add aerial video to your video tours. Aerial video is a type of video that is captured by a drone or a helicopter, and it can show the property and its surroundings from a bird’s eye view. Aerial video can offer many benefits for your video tours, such as:

– It can showcase the location and the neighbourhood of the property. Aerial video can give potential buyers or renters a better sense of the area, the amenities, the landmarks, and the traffic conditions around the property. This can help them decide if the property is suitable for their needs and preferences.

– It can highlight the features and the layout of the property. Aerial video can show the size, shape, and design of the property from different angles and perspectives. It can also show the landscaping, the pool, the patio, and other outdoor features that might not be visible from the ground level. This can help potential buyers or renters visualize themselves living in the property and appreciate its value.

– It can create a more engaging and memorable video tour. Aerial video can add variety, interest, and excitement to your video tours. It can capture stunning views and scenery that can captivate your audience and make them want to see more. It can also create a sense of professionalism and quality that can enhance your reputation and credibility as a real estate agent or a property owner.

Adding aerial video to your video tours can be a smart investment that can boost your marketing efforts and increase your chances of selling or renting your property faster and at a higher price. However, before you decide to add aerial video to your video tours, you should consider some factors, such as:

– The cost and the availability of aerial video services. Aerial video can be expensive and time-consuming to produce, depending on the type of equipment, the duration of the footage, and the editing process. You should also check if there are any legal or safety restrictions on flying drones or helicopters in your area.

– The quality and relevance of aerial video. The aerial video should be clear, stable, and well-lit to showcase your property in the best possible way. It should also be relevant and appropriate for your property type and location. For example, aerial video might not be necessary or practical for a small apartment in a crowded city, but it might be ideal for a large house in scenic countryside.

– The balance and the integration of aerial video with other types of video. The aerial video should not be overused or dominate your video tours. It should be balanced and integrated with other types of video, such as interior shots, exterior shots, narration, music, and graphics. It should also complement and support your message and your goal for your video tours.

Adding aerial video to your video tours can be a great way to showcase your property and attract more attention from potential buyers or renters. However, you should also weigh aerial video’s pros and cons and ensure it suits your budget, style, and target audience. If you are interested in adding aerial video to your video tours, you can contact us today for a free consultation and a quote. We are a professional aerial video company that can help you create stunning and effective aerial video tours for your property.

Also, safety comes first which we made a video & a blog about that also you should check that out to 


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