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Lisa McIntee & I put some videos together about Proper Real Estate Marketing, I love how she explains it so clear & professional since our businesses interact with real estate agents we thought we should put together some videos explaining why now more than ever real estate agents need proper marketing

it is so easy to sell a house now with over asking but the market could turn at any time & there future clients would be looking at there history & would like to know what makes this agent different & better than the rest of the 100s of agents out there how is their marketing & how are they going to sell my house

these are just a couple thought’s that might be going through a potential client’s thought’s when they are looking for an agent to list there home for sell

Real Estate Marketing with Covid

Lisa & I put out another video to show more than 1 reason to do proper marketing no matter what the market is & how easy it is to sell a house today, you should still want to properly market the home by getting your home staged & getting photos done with also other types of marketing like video tours or matterport, so you can bring in more views & top dollar for your clients

if your thinking you could save money today by not staging & not getting a good real estate photographer then you might just be leaving some money on the table

if your marketing is not as good as the next house down the street it might still sell but will it bring in the views & potential that it could have

some people today don’t want to travel as they did a couple of years ago it’s just easier to see what is out there before going to see it, & if they have to drive a bit of a distance why bother they might think but if they see something they like it will increase the chances of them travelling

also people today are looking more than ever to go outside of Toronto & look elsewhere that might be cheaper or get more for their money than they could inside of the Toronto market

if you would like to see the shorter more broken down versions of this video here is the link to the whole series with some other videos that are on the playlist

Staging with Lisa

I thought this video would be great to post here just to get an idea how staging works & can help with your marketing

About Lisa McIntee

Lisa McIntee - Professional Stager / Real Estate Marketing

Lisa McIntee is an International Award Winning Professional Home Stager & Designer serving clients from Niagara to Toronto. Lisa is best known for her unparalleled ability to execute unique strategies and manage diverse and often challenging client expectations with ease all while expertly transforming homes guaranteed to impress and within budgets.  

Lisa has been recognized as one of the Top Industry Influencers, and is one of the trend setting Luxury Stagers in Canada. Lisa has won many industry awards and was also the first Canadian Home Stager to be awarded the Top Professional Home Stager North America award, twice.

Lisa has been leading the industry with innovative staging techniques and business models, is a renowned key note speaker and has developed various niche training models within the Home Staging & Design industry.  Looking to be inspired and educated on this industry? You will often find her speaking at many industry events or on stage at the largest conventions in Las Vegas.


Lisa expertly guides her clients on receiving the highest return on their staging investment and has extensive expertise in advising on returns and updates for any style of home or design challenge.  Her clients have grown to trust her immensely and her business has been built successfully on referrals.

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